miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Blogger Templates - FluidLevel OPINTEMPLATES


Fluid Level template is one of its kinds because it has buckets full of features. It has an elegant look which would attract your eyes like a bee to a honey. Since, it is a Blogger template it is equipped with some wonderful features. This Template is Ideal for Niche sites i.e. Technology, Media, News Bulletin, Entertainment and etc. However, a person can also use on a Personal blog template. Fluid Level is a quality template designed for those who believe that the content is more important than how it is displayed. Simple, small head, and fluid width, are its main features.

Template Name: Fluid Level by OPintemplates
Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Release date : 28, Mar 2013
Author : www.opintemplates.blogspot.com
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Level :Template Premium Original
Stile : Simple
Features : Two columns, fluid width, tree columns at foot
Color : Orange, Green, Grey. White
Evaluation :correct operating

This Template is free to use and is not actively supported by the author, but will be monitored for serious bugs that may need correcting.

Creative Commons Attribution: You are free to use, distribute or adapt this template for your personal or commercial website. But, you must attribute the work to the author. Should not remove credit links.

2 comentarios:

  1. Buuuuu! El template que más me gusto de aquí no lo puedo usar porque es antiguo o no se qué :(

    Besos mentales.

  2. Si se refiere a "Nike" o a "En el camino" ambos tienen nueva versión libre de los viejos errores (pero seguramente con alguno nuevo ;))

    Gracias por pasar.